Survivors’ Stories

Harmony, Bronwen, Jessika, and others tell the stories of being sexually exploited through trafficking, prostitution, and the sex industry in their own words.

“The only way to survive is to become totally numb… so whether that’s through drugs, or through dissociation, many of us are capable of doing that because we have had histories of incredible trauma and rape and abuse. The only way to survive it is to disconnect completely and that’s no way to live. There comes a point where you want to disconnect so much and so often… it’s very difficult to reconnect again and it’s like being the walking dead.” – Harmony

“For me, the sex industry and prostitution I say was the most soul destroying 12 months of my life. I have a lot of young girls say twelve months isn’t very long, but it’s like 12 seconds is too long, and I was somebody’s daughter, and I was being paid money to have sex night after night after night with stranger after stranger. With no idea of my worth, with no idea of my value, and so it not only destroyed my body, it destroyed my soul.”  – Bronwen

“There was no more of me, no more of my gifts and talents…there was only this warped version of my gift. And it fed a beast, and, honestly, no matter how much I got naked, no matter how perverted a shoot was, no matter what someone asked me to do, no one was ever satisfied; it was never enough. They just wanted more of me and there really wasn’t any more to give.” – Jessika

Watch the full story of how sexual exploitation takes a toll here:

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