National Trafficking Survivors Study & Survey

May is Mental Health Awareness month. We KNOW that there is a gap in mental healthcare for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

Polaris Project conducted the very first National Survivor Study and Survey, and the results are astounding. In short, survivors are not thriving. The top need reported by survivors is trauma-informed behavioral and mental health services. This is why it is a priority for us to provide free trauma therapy to survivors and those experiencing sexual exploitation of any kind.


Childhood Experiences 
“In my situation I was trafficked as a child, then as an adult after not having help in healing through what I went through.”

Needs After Exit 
”I struggle to find consistent work because of my disabling PTSD from my trafficking experiences. It is difficult for me to explain the gaps in my resume that are due to my mental health and taking informal work in order to support myself….”

The social services system that is supposed to support them after trafficking is failing. Few have access to services — notably mental health and employment supports — they need to heal and thrive.

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