Bringing Hope, Healing, and Empowerment!

Four:10 Ministries equips women with the care, tools, and love needed to live a healthy and thriving life free from sexual exploitation. We serve women who are currently experiencing sexual exploitation and those who have been exploited or trafficked in the past.

We believe all women deserve a future full of hope where they can heal, dream and build a new life. That is why Four:10 Ministries is committed to providing wraparound care to the women we serve. We have started, but we are called to do more. (see below)

It is our desire to walk alongside and love them while building healthy relationships and a supportive community. We offer holistic services that address their mind, body and spirit. Though we are a faith-based organization, there are no faith requirements to receive services. We only share our faith with those who ask.

We simply offer Christ-like love in action.

Our Vision

Every woman survivor of sexual exploitation and trafficking thrives.

There are three phases of our vision. We are currently providing services in two phases and are working toward our third phase.

Phase 1: Club Ministry

Outreach Teams go into exotic dance clubs regularly. We provide the following:

  1. Home-cooked meals
  2. Gifts
  3. SPA Day
  4. Build trusting relationships
  5. Share our faith when asked

Phase 2: The Well

We have a new home & headquarters where we provide free trauma therapies and coaching to women who have been sexually exploited, trafficked, and have addictions. We offer the following services:

  1. Trauma Therapist
  2. Art Therapy
  3. Music Therapy
  4. Movement Therapy
  5. Trauma Coaching
  6. Life Coaching

Phase 3: Transition House

We will start a free two-year residency program that will include the following:

  1. Free housing for two years
  2. Rehabilitation focus
  3. Trauma therapies
  4. Life skills
  5. Coaching
  6. Belonging in a community of survivors

Phase 3: Social Enterprise

We will start a business for the women in our residency program. This will provide them with the following:

  1. Trauma-informed work environment
  2. Meaningful employment
  3. Living wage

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