Ways You Can Help

There are many ways for both women and men to get involved in Four:10 Ministries. Only the first four opportunities are strictly for women. We are always in need of volunteers. We would love for you to come join our team! Here are some opportunities for you to share the love, hope and redemption of Jesus Christ and help equip these women to live healthy abundant lives.

Women Only

1. Outreach team – These are the women who go into the Exotic Dance Clubs regularly. They are known in the clubs as the “church ladies”. Their goal is to form friendships that eventually lead to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We need more church ladies! Please pray about whether God would have you join us in this very important role. For more information contact Tammy Crane Executive Director, tammycrane@four10ministries.org

2. Driver Team – Many of the dancers have lost their license or do not have a car. We need women who are willing to drive a gal to interviews, work, grocery store etc. For more information contact Tammy Crane, tammycrane@four10ministries.org

3. Spa Day team – We need cosmetologists, aestheticians, and masseuses who are willing to donate their time one afternoon a year for a Spa Day for the dancers. For more information contact Katie Cochran at kathrynmcochran@gmail.com

4. Special Events team – We hold special events for the women and sometimes their children as well. One of those events is SPA Day, but other events are Cupcake and Canvas, Kid’s Fun Day. If you like to organize, buy supplies, set up, clean up,  or be an extra set of hands at the event contact Tammy Crane, Executive Director  tammycrane@four10ministries.org

Women or Men

5. Meals team – Volunteer to be on a team that prepares meals four times a year for the clubs or have your small group prepare a meal to be taken into a club. For information, contact Margaret Hall at mlhall22@frontier.com

6. Gifts team – Volunteer to be on a team that prepares gifts four times a year or gather a group together to buy and put together some gifts for one or more clubs. For information, contact Sandie Paden at padenfamily@gmail.com

7. Prayer team – Be a part of a frontliner’s prayer team by praying for them during their time in the club. You will receive a text when they go in and then an update after they leave. Find out how you can organize a prayer drive for your small group or friends. For more information, contact Winona Gillman at wlgillman@gmail.com

8. Gala Fundraiser Team – We hold our annual fundraising event is the fall. We need those who are interested in helping with our Gala. We need individuals who are willing to work the night of the event or help in the planning. If you want more information, contact Tammy Crane at tammycrane@four10ministries.org

9. Grant Writers – We need individuals who are experienced at searching for and writing grants to help support our ministry. For more information contact Tammy Crane tammycrane@four10ministries.org

10. Advertising/Publishing Team – We need individuals who are proficient with tools to make flyers, brochures, posters, etc. For more information contact Tammy Crane at tammycrane@four10ministries.org