About Us


Bring hope, healing, and empowerment to women survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking.


We believe that every woman who has faced sexual exploitation, trafficking
and addictions deserves to receive a comprehensive continuum of care that will
bring hope, healing, and restoration, and empower them to thrive.

We have come to hear horrific stories from the women we serve filled with
abuse in their childhood, especially sexual abuse. One of the vulnerabilities
of those caught in sexual exploitation and trafficking is an abusive childhood.
However, there are multiple vulnerabilities, such as, mental health issues in
the home, drugs, and poverty. A life of exploitation or trafficking only adds
to their trauma.

Many people ignore women caught in this world because it is unknown and uncomfortable, therefore continue to be prejudice against them. But we see their pain and their struggles, and we love them! We want to walk alongside them in their
journey toward a new life of freedom from exploitation, trafficking, and

We will not stop until every woman has access to the appropriate continuum
of care she deserves!

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