About Us


Our mission is to empower women to live a life free of sexual exploitation.


God has called us to the next phase in our ministry. We still believe the truth of the gospel message brings these women hope for a new future both now and for all eternity. However, we have discovered in working with these women they need more help to discover how to live the abundant life that Jesus has for them. “…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b NASB

One of the issues we face in ministering to these women is the development of complex trauma. Complex trauma affects them in so many ways. It affects them physically and mentally. We need to address their trauma through providing different therapies and services, a long with providing spiritual growth opportunities. We also want to help them develop a healthy support system of Christian women who will love them unconditionally. We believe that God will use these additional ways to minister to these women to empower them to live a healthy, full life. It is what He desires for them.

Currently, we do not have a facility where we can create a safe place for women to come to receive all these therapies and services. We will be starting a capital campaign this fall trusting God to bring in the funds we need. God has always led the way for this ministry. We know that he will continue to guide and direct us. Only he can make this vision come to fruition. May he receive all the glory when it comes to pass.

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