New Board Member

Chynna M. Presley

We are honored to welcome our new board member, Chynna to the Four:10 family!

“I was drawn to the ministry when I heard about the change in approach. When I heard that the founders decided to go into the facilities and build relationships with the women, rather than judge and preach at them, I was hooked. Now that there is an ongoing ministry that creates space for rehabilitation, I am interested in bringing my expertise and platform to help the cause, as well as build awareness.”

Chynna has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s in Organizational Leadership. She has served Northeast Indiana in a variety of roles
over the course of the last 15+ years. Some of those roles include: foster care
case management, community education, program and curriculum development,
a stay-at-home mother, an inspirational speaker, a DEI professional in higher
education, and an interim executive director of a small nonprofit. In 2021,
Chynna started her business, Mezzo Management Solutions, where she helps
develop other leaders through coaching, consulting, group facilitation, and public
speaking. She is also an on air radio personality for STAR 88.3.

Outside of work, Chynna enjoys tapping into her creative side by working on DIY projects, spending time with her daughter, taking care of her houseplants, finding a good hiking trail, and canceling weekend plans she knew she shouldn’t have made in the first place.

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