Impact of Hope Bags

In May, Four:10 put together 15 Hope Bags for recovered survivors of sex trafficking. A sting operation was happening soon, and we were hopeful that 15 individuals could potentially be rescued. We were informed that two women and one child were rescued and 3 Hope Bags were able to be used. One of the women cried as she received her bag saying, “I believe this is a sign from God that I’m going to be okay.”

That is not the only good news of impact made.

When Jeremy Greenlee, Director for Indiana Trafficked Victims Assistance Program (ITVAP) came to pick up the Hope Bags, he reminded Tammy of the woman to whom she gave the very first Hope Bag and updated us on where she is now.

The survivor had to be moved from Fort Wayne due to a lack of help in our area, but now she is thriving. She has graduated from a residency program, found an apartment, a job, and has been reunited with her two daughters.

Tammy was so moved by her story that she wanted to do more. “I was frustrated when I found out she was moved from our area because of lack of help. God used her situation to inspire me to want to provide more assistance and resources to survivors. She couldn’t find help here, but let’s make sure the next woman does.” 

2 thoughts on “Impact of Hope Bags

  1. I am so excited for your mission. What do you put in your bags. Maybe I can help. I live on social security but I would love ve to help fill a bag
    Grace Beltz
    Blessings to you and all that help you.

    1. Hi Grace!
      Our Hope Bags consist of several items. First, we always need large duffel bags to put everything in and for them to keep. And we do all sizes from XS to XL.
      Each bag contains:

      2 short sleeve shirts
      a long sleeve shirt
      a sweatshirt
      2 leggings
      sports bras
      flip flops/slides
      soft throw blanket
      cleansing face wipes
      face cleanser
      shampoo & conditioner
      body wash
      water bottle
      small stuffed animal
      hard candy
      fidget toy

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