2023 Gala “Lift Her Voice”

The “Lift Her Voice” gala this year was an incredible event. The evening was filled with inspiration and emotion, truly leaving a lasting impact on all who attended. Jackie Rose’s powerful testimony about her experience of being trafficked by a Chicago gang struck a chord with all. As she finished her story and began to walk off the stage back to her table, there was not a single person left sitting in their seat. Not only did it serve as a reminder of the strength and courage of survivors, but was a testament to the importance of raising awareness and supporting survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

This is why Four:10 exists: to raise awareness that this is happening in our community, to be the hands and feet that serve those who have suffered, to support our friends with the complete wraparound care that they need to have hope, to heal, and empowerment so that they can THRIVE. We will continue to LIFT THEIR VOICES.

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