Spiritual Wellness for Two Former Dancers

Four:10 Ministries is dedicated to caring for the whole person. That means body, mind and spirit – physical care, emotional care, and spiritual care. When a woman is interested in hearing more about our faith, we are excited to share with her. And we celebrate when they have entered into a committed relationship with God. This month, two of our friends, and former dancers, were baptized as a sign of their commitment to follow Christ.

This past spring, *Melissa decided she wanted to begin going to church and contacted her friend from our Outreach Team. After attending church for several months, she decided she wanted to give her life to God and was moved to get baptized. Her face shone brightly that Sunday morning as she was pulled up out of the water and gave everyone a big hug. Her new spiritual life is just beginning.

*Jess became good friends with another one of our Outreach Team members over five years ago. Our team member invited *Jess to her family’s Christmas celebrations several times over the years. This year *Jess decided it was time to give her life to Christ and was baptized. It was such a joy for our Outreach Team member to watch her friend take her next step in faith and spiritual journey.

All of us at Four:10 are excited about this new path of spiritual growth for these amazing women we have come to love very much.

*Names have been changed for the privacy and confidentiality of our friends.

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