Grant Received from The James Foundation

Since its beginning, The James Foundation has supported over 180 organizations with grants in excess of $100 million. Its primary geographical focus is Northeast Indiana, but its support has included national organizations that are effective in impacting the Foundation’s goals. In 2023, through its Grant-A-Day initiative, the Foundation has committed to making a $1,000 grant every day of the year to worthy charities who are making an impact in Northeast Indiana and beyond. These are often over-looked smaller organizations that are nonetheless having significant impact on those they serve.

Four:10 was the recipient of The James Foundation’s Grant-A-Day on September 23rd, 2023. We are so grateful for all the work they do and the love they pour out into our community. On behalf of the women we serve, we want to thank The James Foundation for all of their support! Without the support of our community, we could not continue the services we provide for the incredible women that God has laid on our hearts!

2023 Gala “Lift Her Voice”

The “Lift Her Voice” gala this year was an incredible event. The evening was filled with inspiration and emotion, truly leaving a lasting impact on all who attended. Jackie Rose’s powerful testimony about her experience of being trafficked by a Chicago gang struck a chord with all. As she finished her story and began to walk off the stage back to her table, there was not a single person left sitting in their seat. Not only did it serve as a reminder of the strength and courage of survivors, but was a testament to the importance of raising awareness and supporting survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

This is why Four:10 exists: to raise awareness that this is happening in our community, to be the hands and feet that serve those who have suffered, to support our friends with the complete wraparound care that they need to have hope, to heal, and empowerment so that they can THRIVE. We will continue to LIFT THEIR VOICES.

Music Therapy Begins at The Well

Music Therapy is a therapeutic approach that harnesses the power of music to improve mental health and well-being. It utilizes the naturally uplifting properties of music to address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, aiming to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

According to the AMTA, music therapy interventions can address a variety of healthcare & educational goals:

  • Promote Wellness
  • Manage Stress
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Express Feelings
  • Enhance Memory
  • Improve Communication
  • Promote Physical Rehabilitation
  • and more

We are thrilled to partner with Aspire Music Therapy and Redemption House to provide therapeutic services for the women we serve and the residents of Redemption House. Our music therapy services began in September, and we are grateful for this partnership as we aim to make a positive impact in our community.

“Aspire Music Therapy, LLC is a private practice founded in 2019 who strives to support individuals in all stages of life through music and the therapeutic relationship. Our goal is to enhance quality of lives by focusing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of every individual. Aspire Music Therapy, LLC promotes a compassionate, nurturing, and safe environment through meaningful experiences with music.”

Aspire Music Therapy, LLC

Grant Received from 100 Plus Women Who Care

100+ Women Who Care is an exciting member based group of women coming together to make a difference in our local community. The group gathers four times a year for a one hour meeting. At each quarterly meeting three members are randomly selected to speak about their favorite local not-for-profit agency in need of funds. Each member votes on the organization to receive the funds and the organization with the most votes receives the quarterly donation.

This quarter, Four:10 Ministries was one of the three local non-profits that were selected to present to the group. Our Executive Director, Tammy Crane, spoke about Four:10’s mission, the wraparound services provided, and told the story of an incredible woman who recently reached out to us from the Allen County jail.

We are happy to announce that we were selected as the winner of the 100+ Women Who Care grant this quarter! We are so thankful to be a part of such an amazing group of women who are making an impact in our community and grateful to be selected as the recipient of this quarter’s grant. THANK YOU on behalf of the women we serve and from all of us at Four:10!

Spiritual Wellness for Two Former Dancers

Four:10 Ministries is dedicated to caring for the whole person. That means body, mind and spirit – physical care, emotional care, and spiritual care. When a woman is interested in hearing more about our faith, we are excited to share with her. And we celebrate when they have entered into a committed relationship with God. This month, two of our friends, and former dancers, were baptized as a sign of their commitment to follow Christ.

This past spring, *Melissa decided she wanted to begin going to church and contacted her friend from our Outreach Team. After attending church for several months, she decided she wanted to give her life to God and was moved to get baptized. Her face shone brightly that Sunday morning as she was pulled up out of the water and gave everyone a big hug. Her new spiritual life is just beginning.

*Jess became good friends with another one of our Outreach Team members over five years ago. Our team member invited *Jess to her family’s Christmas celebrations several times over the years. This year *Jess decided it was time to give her life to Christ and was baptized. It was such a joy for our Outreach Team member to watch her friend take her next step in faith and spiritual journey.

All of us at Four:10 are excited about this new path of spiritual growth for these amazing women we have come to love very much.

*Names have been changed for the privacy and confidentiality of our friends.

Art Therapy Begins at The Well

Art therapy is an emotional expression without having to use verbal words, which can allow survivors of trauma to feel safer in sharing their experiences. It provides a safe way to approach traumatic memories and puts visibility to suffering. According to researchers, the process of creating art helps with emotion regulation and has been found to have positive mental health benefits, including helping with self-expression, feeling safe, feeling empowered, and having hope and optimism for the future.

Our goal at The Well has always been to provide free wraparound care for the women that we serve, which means complete mind, body, and spirit wellness. We are excited to announce that as of the beginning of August, weekly art therapy sessions, called Mindful Art, began for women at The Well. This is one of the free holistic therapeutic services that we have been patiently anticipating to begin.

We have had a few women begin to participate in the past few weeks’ sessions, and awareness is catching on. Using multiple art mediums mixed with therapeutic exercises, there has been some movement in emotional processing and affirmations. We are grateful and blessed to finally have the space to be able to provide this trauma service for our women. We look forward to the class growing, along with their own hope and optimism for the future!

New Board Member

Chynna M. Presley

We are honored to welcome our new board member, Chynna to the Four:10 family!

“I was drawn to the ministry when I heard about the change in approach. When I heard that the founders decided to go into the facilities and build relationships with the women, rather than judge and preach at them, I was hooked. Now that there is an ongoing ministry that creates space for rehabilitation, I am interested in bringing my expertise and platform to help the cause, as well as build awareness.”

Chynna has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s in Organizational Leadership. She has served Northeast Indiana in a variety of roles
over the course of the last 15+ years. Some of those roles include: foster care
case management, community education, program and curriculum development,
a stay-at-home mother, an inspirational speaker, a DEI professional in higher
education, and an interim executive director of a small nonprofit. In 2021,
Chynna started her business, Mezzo Management Solutions, where she helps
develop other leaders through coaching, consulting, group facilitation, and public
speaking. She is also an on air radio personality for STAR 88.3.

Outside of work, Chynna enjoys tapping into her creative side by working on DIY projects, spending time with her daughter, taking care of her houseplants, finding a good hiking trail, and canceling weekend plans she knew she shouldn’t have made in the first place.

Impact of Hope Bags

In May, Four:10 put together 15 Hope Bags for recovered survivors of sex trafficking. A sting operation was happening soon, and we were hopeful that 15 individuals could potentially be rescued. We were informed that two women and one child were rescued and 3 Hope Bags were able to be used. One of the women cried as she received her bag saying, “I believe this is a sign from God that I’m going to be okay.”

That is not the only good news of impact made.

When Jeremy Greenlee, Director for Indiana Trafficked Victims Assistance Program (ITVAP) came to pick up the Hope Bags, he reminded Tammy of the woman to whom she gave the very first Hope Bag and updated us on where she is now.

The survivor had to be moved from Fort Wayne due to a lack of help in our area, but now she is thriving. She has graduated from a residency program, found an apartment, a job, and has been reunited with her two daughters.

Tammy was so moved by her story that she wanted to do more. “I was frustrated when I found out she was moved from our area because of lack of help. God used her situation to inspire me to want to provide more assistance and resources to survivors. She couldn’t find help here, but let’s make sure the next woman does.” 

Reaching Out – Women at The Well

We are so excited about how God is going to use The Well. In fact, just in the past two weeks, we have had five women reach out to us about services, none of whom are current dancers, but have had experience either on the streets or in trafficking situations. Two of the women saw our new sign from the street and stopped in to inquire. This clearly shows a specific need in our community, which is exactly why The Well is here. Please pray that God will continue to bring women to The Well and bring us the right people to minister to them.  

Open House Success & ONEHOPE Wine

Thank you to all who attended the Open House for The Well on Sunday, June 11th. It was such a joy to show everyone Four:10’s new headquarters.

As our guests walked throughout the The Well, they were able to view a sign in each room describing what will be provided in that space.

Click to watch a video of The Well

Guests were also treated to tasty beverages as they took their tour. Judy Filler, from ONEHOPE Wine, was a special part of the open house. ONEHOPE Wine is a “A Winery That is Built on Hope and Rooted in Purpose,” Every bottle of ONEHOPE Wine supports a meaningful cause.

“Made with love from California’s finest grape growing regions, our wines give hope to the people and causes that matter most to you. With 10% of your purchase donated from every bottle, we are nourishing the future for generations to come.”

If you missed our open house but are still wanting to check out ONEHOPE Wine, or you attended and would still like to purchase wine, you still can while supporting Four:10 UNTIL July 1st!

With each purchase, 10% will come to Four:10 Ministries. After that, you can continue to set up Four:10 as your supported organization with every future purchase you make.

Contact Judy Filler with ONEHOPE Wine at (260) 445-6299 with any questions.

We are so grateful for all of you who support the ministry and have made this possible. We also want to thank Ambassador Enterprises for sponsoring the food refreshments for the day!

God has provided such an amazing space for Four:10 Ministries. We are looking forward to what God has in store for The Well and for women we serve.