National Trafficking Survivors Study & Survey

May is Mental Health Awareness month. We KNOW that there is a gap in mental healthcare for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

Polaris Project conducted the very first National Survivor Study and Survey, and the results are astounding. In short, survivors are not thriving. The top need reported by survivors is trauma-informed behavioral and mental health services. This is why it is a priority for us to provide free trauma therapy to survivors and those experiencing sexual exploitation of any kind.


Childhood Experiences 
“In my situation I was trafficked as a child, then as an adult after not having help in healing through what I went through.”

Needs After Exit 
”I struggle to find consistent work because of my disabling PTSD from my trafficking experiences. It is difficult for me to explain the gaps in my resume that are due to my mental health and taking informal work in order to support myself….”

The social services system that is supposed to support them after trafficking is failing. Few have access to services — notably mental health and employment supports — they need to heal and thrive.

Tammy Nominated for Champions of Change Award

The Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. Women’s Network had their fifth annual Champions of Change dinner and awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 10. 

Thirty-nine local leaders were selected as finalists. The awards celebrate those who mentor and empower women in Allen County and are given to individuals who: 

  • Demonstrate an unwavering passion and commitment to our community 
  • Are role models making a difference in the lives of others 
  • Have made significant contributions that have inspired women to succeed 
  • Have made Allen County a better place to live, work, and play

This year, four awards were presented – each honoring an individual making a substantial impact in one of the following sectors: 

  • Nonprofit 
  • Corporate 
  • Education
  • Public Service

Tammy was one of nine nominees in the Nonprofit category, which was won by Sharon Pohyl, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Indiana-Michiana. We congratulate her and the other winners… Flora Barron from the Corporate category, Daniel Boylan from Education, and Lori Morgan from Public Service. 

It was an honor for Tammy to be nominated and recognized for the amazing work she is doing in our city! 

Celebrating Give Greater Allen County 2023

You did it! We exceeded our goal this year!

A huge thank you to our 79 donors and to all of you who spread the word during Give Greater Allen’s Day of Giving! Because of YOU, we were able to exceed our goal for a grand total of $26,210!

Each and every gift given goes towards making a difference in the lives of the incredible women we serve. It will allow us to further our therapy services, life-coaching, and more, continuing the journey of hope & healing.

We are so grateful to our generous supporters! Much love to all of you in our Four:10 family!

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