How Four:10 Began

Four:10 Ministries was born out of the heart of one woman, Tammy Crane. Although Tammy was one who reached out to women within the church, and ministered over many years, she had always had a disdain for the strip clubs. she struggled with thoughts of judgement toward the girls who worked there. Each time she drove by one of the clubs in Fort Wayne, she thought of the dancers inside. She saw them as husband defilers and marriage breakers, and had little compassion for them.

Then one evening while flipping through channels to find something to watch on TV, God used an interview with Heather Veitch, a former stripper in Los Vegas to break her heart. Heather talked about the brokenness of her upbringing and why she had ended up as a stripper. During one of her darkest times in life, she came to know Christ. After several years of living as a Christian, she felt led to return to the clubs to share Jesus with the dancers. One of the young dancers Heather was currently forming a friendship with also shared about her sexually abusive past.

As Tammy listened to the stories, she began to weep uncontrollably. She confessed and repented of her judgmental thoughts, but God now laid a heavy burden on her heart for these women. She committed to pray for thirty days to seek the Lord for direction. That was January of 2006.

For Thirty Days, Tammy prayed that God would close the sex industry altogether. 30 days became 60 as she continued to pray and recruit others to pray as well. 60 days turned into 90 as they continued to press into prayer. Without a clear plan, the matter was put on the back burner for a year. In spring 2007, Tammy shared her heart with Trisha Lamb and Laurie Doden. The three of them met to pray and ask for direction. God had given them a heart of compassion for the women in the industry but not a plan. Other women were recruited and about 8-10 women began praying together once a week asking the Lord for a plan.

Tammy and the other women did not want to go into a club to meet the girls, so they explored other ways to reach out to them. God had a different plan. After praying weekly for 6 months and seeing every alternative avenue was closed, the decision was made to make Christmas gifts to drop off at the clubs in December of 2007.

One evening this group gathered at Tammy’s house to assemble the gifts. After everyone had left but one gal, she phoned an acquaintance and former dancer to run their plan by her. The former dancer explained, “The girls will never receive the gifts. You will have to go into the clubs, sit down, order food, and talk to the girls”. Tammy began to chuckle, their group had tried so hard to avoid going in, but that was exactly what God was leading them to do.

Within a couple of days, they visited 8 clubs, ordering coffee, or pop and personally delivering gift bags to each of the girls. These gifts made the girls feel valued and opened the doors to engage them in conversation. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Although the response of the dancers was positive, after that night, some of the women decided they could not continue with the ministry. The spiritual battle had take some of the women out. Those that remained felt led to commit to 2 clubs where they focused their ministry. But soon God brought other women so Four:10 Ministries could expand to other clubs in Fort Wayne.

That first visit was in December 2007. Since then, we have grown to ministering regularly in five out of the eight clubs in Fort Wayne. We have seen God work in mighty ways to draw dancers to himself and change the course of their lives. While certainly not all have come to Christ, God has used us to plant seeds. He has also used us to help those wanting out of the clubs into a more honorable work environment.

God loves these women who are broken and hurting. He has given us the ministry of reconciliation to those working in the sex industry. We have found that not only do we minister to the dancers, but everyone working in the clubs and sometimes even the patrons. We would love for you to join us in ministering to this precious group of people!

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